Peer Education 

All programs will be presented via Zoom from 2022 onwards. Please contact us to discuss if you are interested in any of these.

K.E.A.P. Program.'Knowing Emotional and Physical Pain'  2.5 hours x 2 weeks
For anyone living with emotional and physical pain.Leap SA recognises that individuals need first to deal with the mental/emotional barriers to enable them to progress to deal with their physical well being. Based on the knowledge, research and experiences of people living with chronic pain. A non- prescriptive, intergenerational, interactive, consumer program. Exploring the strong link between emotional /mental and physical health. Focusing on building skills, sharing experiences and support. The first point of entry for consumers and can be used as an  intervention while waiting to see a specialist.
Week 1 covers the question "What is Pain? and looks at the very strong link between Physical and Emotional Pain
Week 2 is all about becoming empowered to deal with both emotional and physical pain. Tools such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self efficacy are introduced as well as the importance of looking after your physical body.
"The tools that I learnt in the K.E.A.P.  course have enabled me to be ready to and to work more effectively with a psychologist that my GP has referred me to. I cannot believe the changes in myself and I am so grateful to you both for helping me along my journey and continuing to help me with further support" Comment from a participant
S.E.A.K.“Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Attitude, Knowledge”  Empowerment Modules 2.5 hours per module
Six modules and exploring topics from the K.E.A.P. program in greater depth.
·         Self- Esteem and Empowerment
·         Decision Making and Goal Setting.
·         Communication Skills and Working in a Team
·         Problem Solving
·         Having a Healthy Lifestyle
·         Understanding Emotions
“Great job you both work well together and have a natural ability to make others feel at ease, thank you” - Consumer
 S.E.L.F. “Self- Esteem - Leap Forward”Workshop. 2.5 hours.
Tools to help build and improve Self- Esteem. Understand your perception, emotions and thoughts .Learn to recognise your strengths and build on them. 




All Leap SA Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of specific groups. 




 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program CDSMP, known as “Moving Towards Wellness” is also offered through Leap SA.


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