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The shock of discovering you have a chronic disease is indescribable. Jenny and Vivienne’s empathy, understanding and positivity enabled me to move from physical work to an office environment.
My life may be different but there is no price you can put on help that gives you, although different a happy and fulfilled life. Thank you both immensely.




“The tools that I learnt in the K.E.A.P. course have enabled me to be ready to and to work more effectively with a psychologist that my GP has referred me to. I cannot believe the changes in myself and I am so grateful to you both for helping me along my journey and continuing to help me with further support. The online support group is a great help and I very much enjoyed seeing how the Wellness support group operates”.




”Beautiful ladies and such a positive environment. Just being in the room felt healing- thank you”





“I thoroughly enjoyed your course today, it was much more than I expected and would recommend it to anyone that is grieving, like me or who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks like me, looking forward to some strategies next week. I will recommend LEAP SA to as many as possible. Great job girls”




“Thank you for yesterday ladies! After the course I felt fatigued (had walked in the morning also) but I was feeling so positive, that when I lay down to rest, I could not stay there. I had a very productive and cheerful afternoon. My first in a while!”




All about KEAP, Knowing Emotional and Physical Pain from Consumers


“Very very well presented course, one of the best I have been included in” 
” It’s been a very informative two weeks” 
“Great job you both work well together and have a natural ability to make others feel at ease, thank you” -
“Very well thought out and delivered well” 
” I will learn to communicate more and learn to say no” 
” I will try to think positive and implement an exercise program” 



“I now understand the influence my emotions have on my condition and I will make changes to undo some of the negative behaviours”




” You both had credibility and your passion and belief in what you did shone through, I will use the strategies taught to address challenging issues that occur in the future”



Keep up the good work…. this course ( K.E.A.P. Knowing Emotional and Physical Pain) has helped me face things I would never have thought of. Well done Jenny and Vivienne, nice to meet you both.




This course (K.E.A.P.) has got me out of the house, I have not wanted to get out of the house for three years.




“I have met the most wonderful / passionate / committed / respectful trainers who’s passion & self confidence oozes from them to make it all very contagious. Not only the trainers, but the wonderful volunteers who have given their time to support & encourage us through this course. To see & hear some of their troubles & to see how they confident they are is truly inspiring.I can take from this course a lot more about self management of chronic disease & each person’s journey is unique no two will be the same. It has given me better self confidence & a much clearer understanding of the complexity of chronic disease and the management of it”


Health Information & Promotion Officer


“I take this opportunity to applaud both Jenny and Vivienne for the outstanding job you two have done in shaping my outlook as I witnessed how you truly worked together with non judgemental attitude and the beauty within that reflects how you value others. It makes me feel worthy and in return I will strive to do the same as I share my experience with others”


Registered nurse


“As the Programme progressed, Jenny and Vivienne provided role modelling, guidance and encouragement that made me realise that I should embrace this as a wonderful new learning opportunity, one that would enable me to broaden my skills in a way that would prove very meaningful to me and would be consistent with my personal values. Jenny and Vivienne have been an inspiration to me. It is my hope that I will be able to facilitate with the passion, commitment and skills that they have demonstrated”


Human Resource Consultant


My heartfelt thanks to you both, Jenny and Vivienne, for all that you have given, through your clear explanations, warmth and encouragement, through your wealth of knowledge and candid approach and your genuine passion and commitment to the program and to those of us who attend and learn from you.


Retired Registered Nurse


“Thank you, Vivienne and Jenny for role modelling so expertly the manner in which the course should be conducted. You conveyed a supportive and positive approach, humour and a genuine belief in the power of the program. It has been a privilege to be a participant in the Workshop”.


Retired Lecturer in Nursing


“If I can help change others lives as mine has been changed by Jenny, Viv and this course I will be extremely happy and proud”.




To have Jenny and Vivienne as our Leaders was a delight, if I can run a course as effortless as they make it look I will be pleased. They complement each other well”




I wish to express my grateful thanks for their commitment, professionalism and dedication, as well as their humour and friendliness. This has been a rare and special experience, and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to make a positive difference for people with a chronic health condition”.


Senior Social Worker


“I would like to thank both Jenny and Vivienne for their excellence in presenting the program and for their non judgemental approach, patience and caring and hope they will continue to share life experiences to continue to assist others”.


Aboriginal Community Health Worker


“Jenny and Vivienne, thank you for allowing us to communicate and work together in a safe environment . You were able to guide and empower us and teach others positive ways to make changes in their life. Your willingness to communicate, listen with respect and with equal power, was extremely well done by both of you”


Multicultural Diabetes Educator


We are here because we know the benefits of self- management. We are here because we have experienced a positive life change. Jenny and Vivienne .You have taught us, encouraged us, affirmed us, and we have had fun. have clearly demonstrated your belief in us. We believe in the program and wish you every success in this venture.


Retired Nurse/ consumer


Jenny and Viv, just wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful session. You really are thoughtful and inspirational people and it is no wonder that you are thought of so highly. We can see how much you both believe in what you are delivering and I know that LEAP will go from strength to strength with you both at the helm.


Retired Registered Nurse/University lecturer.


Jenny and Viv, thank you for sending out my certificate and a HUGE thank you for showing me how to earn it, who would have thought that two of the best senses of humour could play such a big part in helping the people who want to help others achieve the ability to do so. I was very pleased to hear of your decision to start your own business because having seen and felt the dynamic duo in action, you are made for it and can’t fail. (A LEAP into the unknown). Congratulations on your decision


Self Management Trainee



After attending this course a client called to thank EC (Employment Consultant) for pushing her to go and putting up with her trying to fight having to attend, as she thoroughly enjoyed the course and stated it was so motivating and today was the first day of the rest of her life, and has been life changing and would recommend all clients attending


Employment Consultant



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