T.I.P.S.  'Training In Pain Strategies'  Offered as a full day or two day workshop. 
The T.I.P.S. program offers health care workers, a comprehensive patient centred approach to understanding the needs and barriers of patients/clients who are dealing with emotional or physical pain.
This workshop will help you experience things from the patient/clients  perspective and situation. It  will increase your awareness and insight about what your patient/client is going through.
"I now understand so much better what my patients are going through, it was a real eye opener and I will return to work with renewed passion and empathy", registered  nurse
 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program - Moving Towards Wellness.
This CDSM workshop is an evidence-based Self-Management workshop originally developed at Stanford University and now licensed through the Self Management Resource Centre. For more information on this centre visit
Leap SA is licensed to train and conduct updates in this program. 
Jenny and Vivienne, Co-founders of Leap SA, are Master Trainers in this Model of Chronic Disease Self- Management and Master Trainers in the LIFE course, Living Improvements for Everyone, the Chronic Disease Self-Management for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians.
"I wish to express my grateful thanks for their commitment, professionalism and dedication, as well as their humour and friendliness. This has been a rare  and special experience, and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to make a positive difference for people with a chronic health condition”.  Senior Social Worker
If you think one of our current workshops would suit the needs of your organisation or you have a specific training requirement please contact us to discuss further.


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